Which gear should I use when stopping at a red light ?

When stopping at a red light, which gear should you use?

  • Gear N (Neutral) with handbrake engaged: Prevents the car from moving. Use when parked for a longer period, such as at a red light for 120-180 seconds.
  • Gear D (Drive) with foot on brake: Use when stopping briefly at a red light for 30-60 seconds or in slow-moving traffic, alternating between slowing down and stopping intermittently.
  • Auto Brake Hold system for newer cars: Automatically engages the brake without needing to keep your foot on the brake pedal.
  • Gear P (Park): Use when parking and turning off the engine for automatic transmission cars. For manual transmission cars, shift to neutral with the handbrake engaged when parked.
  • Keeping the clutch pedal depressed for a long time can wear out the clutch faster.

Source: Safe Driving Guide by DLT

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