What Do the Warning Lights on Your Car Dashboard Indicate? Let’s Find Out!

Red Light Symbol: Danger
Stop driving immediately for safety and check the issue promptly.

Battery Warning Symbol:
Indicates low battery power. Check and replace it as soon as possible.

Handbrake Warning Symbol:
Indicates the handbrake is engaged or stuck. Release it immediately.

Oil Can Symbol:
Indicates low engine oil pressure. Check it promptly.

Thermometer Symbol:
Indicates high radiator temperature. Stop and let the car cool down before fixing the issue.

Airbag Warning Symbol:
Indicates an airbag malfunction. Check it immediately.

Seatbelt Warning Symbol:
Indicates to fasten the seatbelt for the driver’s safety.

Yellow/Orange Light Symbol:
Indicates a need to check or disable a function. The vehicle can still be driven, but caution is advised. Engine Symbol:
Indicates an issue with the engine control system.

ABS Warning Symbol:
Indicates a malfunction in the ABS system. Regular braking is still functional, but the ABS should be checked because it prevents wheel lock during emergencies.

Cruise Control System Symbol: Fuel Warning Symbol:
Indicates low fuel.

Green Light Symbol:
Indicates an active system.

Fog Light Symbol:
Indicates the fog lights are on.

Cruise Control Active Symbol:
Indicates the cruise control system is active.

Blue Light Symbol:
Indicates an active system controlled by the driver, not a factory setting, such as high beams.

Information from: Safe Driving by DLT

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