🚦 When parking at a red light, which gear should you use?

🕹 Gear N with the handbrake engaged to prevent rolling.

✅ Use when parked for a long time, around 120-180 seconds.

🕹 Gear D with foot on the brake.

✅ Use when briefly stopped at a red light for 30 – 60 seconds or in slow-moving traffic, alternating with short stops.

⚠️ If you accidentally release the brake while in gear, the car will move forward continuously, which could lead to accidents.

Auto Brake Hold system in newer cars automatically engages the brake without needing to hold down the brake pedal.

🚏 Gear P is for parking with the engine off.

🕹 For manual transmission cars, put it in neutral and engage the handbrake when stopped. Keeping the clutch depressed wears it out faster.

From: Department of Land Transport.